Tricky Tray Ticket Sales Page

Welcome to our Tricky Tray Ticket Sales Page. Our Event Tickets will be limited to 150 sold, so hurry and get your tickets before they sell out. When the event limit is reached, we will close that option. You can also purchase Door Prize Tickets, too.

You can purchase as many tickets as you desire. You can purchase one ticket for yourself or you can purchase multiple tickets for you and your friends.  Our ticket prices are listed below and each purchase includes a 3% service fee. (i.e. $50=$51.50)

Please Note: Our 3% service fee offsets the fees collected by Stripe.

Upon completion of this form, you will receive a confirmation email and a receipt. Please have this receipt ready when you receive your tickets.

Event Tickets Have Now Been Closed

All Pre-Sold event tickets and Door Prize tickets will be distributed to the person listed on the form, at the door!

If you would like a table reserved, please send us a message at

Prize Tickets

Gold Tier Tickets

1 ticket for $5

5 tickets for $25

12 tickets for $50

Silver Tier Tickets

26 tickets for $25

Packaged bundle = $100

104 Silver Tier Tickets + 5 Gold Tier Tickets for $100 ($25 savings) 

The receipt will only indicate the price paid for tickets, it will not indicate the service fee. (I have not figured how to correct it)

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